A Letter To Time- a poem

Dear Time,
Why do you ask
of all these things
From me?
Your ticking demands
More than I want to offer and
More than I can fathom losing
So Time, please,
show me mercy--

Show me aging in slow motion
Where I'm a child, Young and pure.
Show me, Time, what it's like
To be coddled and soothed
Like a baby once more.

When I wasn't so afraid
Of the risks that I'd take,
And all the pain that I felt,
I knew Mother could erase.

And when I am no longer
Binded by Naïve,
I beg you, Time, please slow down
And let me be wiser and free.

Let me be all the things
I dreamt while counting sheep,
Let me be fearless of the waters
that once seemed too deep.

Let my tears fall with the rain
Over some stupid boy.
Let me rise from the heartache
And replace my sadness with joy.

Let me birth beautiful babies,
Through the labor of my hips,
Then let me savor each time
that I kiss their little lips.

Time, don't you ask
For my sunkissed, glowing skin.
Don't ask for my memory,
For which i store precious moments in.

Time, please don't take my lover,
Who has grown old with me,
Do not vanish him from my arms,
I love him, cant you see?

And Time, when you're finally mine,
I beg of you, please,
Just grace me with more time,
More time with my memories.

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