She is gentle
Where the world around her
Stiffens and hardens.

An emotional goddess
Who waters the earth
With her charming, little tears.

The fragility of her heart,
A reflection of her wounds,
Earned with a lifetime of pain.

And though she collides,
Deep on the inside,
She surrenders her suffering for love.
Acrylic on Canvas by Laykin Pass


I fall to my knees
Where they beg me to cry,
To slow down and see
What has become of this life.

Each tear, they whisper,
A tale of my trauma;
A memory of mine
That seemingly keeps on haunting.

I beg to the Gods,
To the Universe, to source,
To unravel my pain
So it is gone all at once.

Let me feel all the shock,
The betrayal, and the fear.
Let me wollow in my shadow,
Let me scream for all to hear.

But my brain, it stays on fire,
Where my thoughts fuel each flickering flame.
I implore for any mercy,
Though it seems they cannot be tamed.

So I'll plead for my cries
To drown out all the heat,
To finally submerge
What's been suppressed deep within me.
Artist Unknown

I Want Love: a short poem

I want love
As slow as spring time,
Where buds take their time to bloom.

I want love
As hot as embers,
Burning with profound passions.

I want love
As genuine as gold,
Gleaming with beloved truth.

I want love
As gentle as each wave,
When they carress the flesh of the sand.

I want love
Nurturing, like Mother Earth,
Caring for each bounded heartstring.

I want love;
A Love so pure and clean.
One perfectly sculpted;
A love made just for me.
Artist Unknown

Honey: a short poem


The sweetness of raw honey,
Cloned from the sweetness of your words.
Such sweet, lovely lullabies
As your lips press against my brow.

The lingering taste of golden drops,
Sprung from the luscious lips of you.
How our tongues delightfully play
As your thumb carresses my cheek.

An alluring pool of wild honeycombs
Beg to look into my ocean blues.
And as our bodies melt
Into loving waves of amber,
I fall, so sweetly, in love with you.

Artwork by Boyana Petcova

What We Once Were — a short poem

Goodbyes aren't always golden,
Not always framed and delicately hung.
Often sudden and saddened
By the picture of what we once were.

During my brokenness, you came.
So unsure of who I was
But you're as if amnesia washed over me
And cleansed my skin to clarity.

I needed you as if lilies
Needed the nourishing drops of dew.
I basked in your rays of light
Amidst the loneliest of nights.

You seemed a lightyear away
Yet still burried down deep in my heart
How could you stay
Right here with me,
When all this time you wanted apart?


The wind carresses the leaves,
Oh, how it loves them so.
And the rain feeds it's trunks,
How it wishes they would grow.

But the leaves, they'll surely fall
Into a pile of decay,
Until the wind lifts them up
And carries them far away.

How they once grew so green,
A leaf filled with life,
Until the coldness settles in
And leaves them brittle and dry.

A season so quick to come
as quicky as it goes,
There the tree still stands
In the painfully freezing snow.

Alone the tree will stay
Where there are no leaves to tickle,
And where the rain molds into ice,
Leaving a family of silver 'sicles.

Now, it's only companion
Is that of the beaming sun
keeping her nice and warm.
Until the next season returns,
And the leaves rebloom,
Bringing back her calm.

A Letter To Time- a poem

Dear Time,
Why do you ask
of all these things
From me?
Your ticking demands
More than I want to offer and
More than I can fathom losing
So Time, please,
show me mercy--

Show me aging in slow motion
Where I'm a child, Young and pure.
Show me, Time, what it's like
To be coddled and soothed
Like a baby once more.

When I wasn't so afraid
Of the risks that I'd take,
And all the pain that I felt,
I knew Mother could erase.

And when I am no longer
Binded by Naïve,
I beg you, Time, please slow down
And let me be wiser and free.

Let me be all the things
I dreamt while counting sheep,
Let me be fearless of the waters
that once seemed too deep.

Let my tears fall with the rain
Over some stupid boy.
Let me rise from the heartache
And replace my sadness with joy.

Let me birth beautiful babies,
Through the labor of my hips,
Then let me savor each time
that I kiss their little lips.

Time, don't you ask
For my sunkissed, glowing skin.
Don't ask for my memory,
For which i store precious moments in.

Time, please don't take my lover,
Who has grown old with me,
Do not vanish him from my arms,
I love him, cant you see?

And Time, when you're finally mine,
I beg of you, please,
Just grace me with more time,
More time with my memories.

Morning Kiss

The rain pitter-patters
On the window next to you.
It is five in the morning
And I'm already feeling blue;

Deprived of your touch,
And the fragrance that you spill.
Come to me, Love,
And let me kiss you.

Let the morning inspire
What our lips have been dying to say.
Press them right against mine,
And let them wildly play.

Let us discover each other's bodies,
Fingers tracing every inch,
But, Love, don't forget
My sweet morning kiss.
Kiss Abstract Art by MegAmosArt

Toxic Love

Our love
Was just a warzone.
It was my bombs first,
Which you were infatuated with.
Then yours came second.
Bonded by trauma,
Rooted in lust,
Our love damaged me.
Because I fell for the idea of you
And you were happy with all of me.
Except me.
You ignored my soul,
For the touch of my breasts.
You absorbed nothing,
When I gleamed about everything.
I yearned for your connection,
Not just your sexual anecdote.
Our passions meter
Had been out for far too long,
It was far too dry,
And far too empty.
My healing came naturally,
Though I winced with every memory.
Your healing,
You fled from.
Which in turn,
Left me stranded.
That maybe my idea of you
Would become you
And that we could simply be
We had dreamed.
Toxic Love

Promised Pain

There are patterns within people
And pain within patterns,
Which engulfs us with
Patterned pain
And pained patterns,
Only to be let down
By the pained problem
Of having to promise
Pained change.
But pained change
Brings great things
And so that pained patterns
Wont precisely repeat
And repeat and repeat-

Maybe pained patterns
Bring profound lessons,
But only if they're pained first;
Pained growth
Pained wisdom
Pained courage
Pained -
And maybe promised change
Brings promised peace,
Promised bliss
And promised love
So probably, perhaps,
There is no positive change
Without the promise
Of pain.
Melody of Silence by Helena Wierzbicki