I fall to my knees
Where they beg me to cry,
To slow down and see
What has become of this life.

Each tear, they whisper,
A tale of my trauma;
A memory of mine
That seemingly keeps on haunting.

I beg to the Gods,
To the Universe, to source,
To unravel my pain
So it is gone all at once.

Let me feel all the shock,
The betrayal, and the fear.
Let me wollow in my shadow,
Let me scream for all to hear.

But my brain, it stays on fire,
Where my thoughts fuel each flickering flame.
I implore for any mercy,
Though it seems they cannot be tamed.

So I'll plead for my cries
To drown out all the heat,
To finally submerge
What's been suppressed deep within me.
Artist Unknown

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